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Fees & Offers

We have introduced an innovative concept to modern day Dentistry by offering 'Independent Fees' bridging the gap between NHS & Private Dentistry.

Prices vary and our basic band is set to price-match selected NHS treatment prices offering patients an affordable and quality alternative. 

All treatment costs are discussed with patients following your initial consultation. Interest free payment plans available*.

Book in for a no-obligation assessment and quote today.

*Please note a deposit is required prior to commencing all treatments and final payment taken on completion of treatment.

Premium Rate
Finest Range
from £35, £65, £15
DIAGNOSTICS Premium Rates Finest Rates
Oral examination, preparation of treatment plan and qoute
from £25
Emergency Examination Fee, including out of hours & weekends
from £45
from £10
IMPLANTS Premium Rates Finest Rates
from £3000.00
from £4000.00
ORAL SURGERY Premium Rates Finest Rates
Tooth extraction (with bone preservation)
from £50
from £95
Wisdom tooth extraction
from £150
from £180
ROOT CANAL TREATMENT - X-ray included Our All Saints Price Typical UK Price
Per canals from £100 from £300
Tooth with two root canals from £290 from £350
Tooth with three root canals from £390 from £450
Tooth with four root canals from £450 from £500
CONSERVATION Premium Rates Finest Rates
Tooth-coloured filling - small from £80 from £120
Tooth-coloured filling - big from £120 from £150
Porcelain inlay / onlay from £295 from £450
CROWNS - BRIDGES - DENTURES Our All Saints Price Typical UK Price
STANDARD - Porcelain covered crown (per unit from £270 from £500
STANDARD - Porcelain covered bridge (per unit) from £300 from £550
PREMIUM Full Porcelain (Metal Free) Crown from £375 from £600
Gold Crown (with 2g gold) from £375 from £600
PREMIUM "BRILLIANT WHITE" - Zirconium Crown from £375 from £600
PREMIUM Full porcelain Crown or Bridge unit with Cercon from £450 from £650
PREMIUMFull porcelain Crown or Bridge unit with Procera from £490 from £700
Porcelain covered crown to an implant from £300 from £550
Temporary Crown or Bridge unit (in surgery) - Short Term from £45 from £70
Temporary Crown or Bridge unit (by technician) - Long Term from £60 from £90
Temporary denture (partial or full) from £300 from £350
Removable plastic denture from £400 from £600
Removable metal denture from £500 from £1000
Overdenture - STANDARD - ball type (All on 4 Implants) from £2200 from £4400
Overdenture - PREMIUM - Bar type (All on 4 Implants) from £2800 from £5600
Precision attachment partial metal denture from £1500 from £2250
VENEERS Our All Saints Price Typical UK Price
Porcelain Veneer from £370 from £550
Porcelain Veneer (Smile Makeover, over 8 units) from £310 from £500
Porcelain Veneer with Lumineer - Coming Soon    
Removal of old crown or bridge unit(s) Free
Preparation Free
Impression Free
Medication Free
Surgery Fee Free - Included in Price
Final Fitting Free - Included in Price
TOOTH WHITENING Premium Rates Finest Rates
Full professional tooth whitening (ZOOM) from £525 from £600
Professional Home Tooth Whitening Kit from £250.00 from £350.00
PREVENTION- Dental Hygiene Our All Saints Price Typical UK Price
Dental Hygiene Treatment
(essential with some dental treatments) - half session
from £45.50 from £90
Full Professional Dental Hygiene Treatment 
(essential with some dental treatments) - full session
from £90- £135 from £150
Night Guard from £150 from £250
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